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By Kate Lalic

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Being ¨au naturel¨ is not only on the outside but on the inside also. I love being myself and I embrace it. I laugh so hard I definitely scare off the elephant in the room. Some people judge, so what? I am who I am and you are who you are, with all your flaws and strengths.

I love talking without thinking, sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s really awkward.

Love eating hotdogs and thinking that I will train harder at the gym  – that’s wishful thinking. But really, I need to get better at my gym routine.

Being natural is a way of thinking. Let’s start by taking care of our body, skin, hair and nutrition. At the same time, try working out, meditating, reading inspirational books and doing what you love. You’ll see your face will glow…naturally!


Drum roll… here is my natural beauty routine! –natural look always win. 


I use a lot of different hair products so my hair doesn’t get too picky after a month or two!

I feel in love with MONAT all natural products – It’s really good for thin hair (like mine) and helps your hair grow stronger and longer in a few months. No parabens, no sulfates and even gluten free! Their products are around 35 to 45 $ for a shampoo or conditionner, but they are actually worth the high price tag.

L’oréal Professionnel always have the best products; good quality and good price. I tried their new line of products; Volumetry for fine hair. It work miracles! Same as a push-up bra, it gives you that ¨humph¨effect. Let’s cheat a little bit 😉

After a good shampoo and conditionner, if I need to go out and get that extra volume for the night, I use the TecniArt Thickening blowout spray. I Spray it onto towel-dried hair and for greater volume, spray directly into the root area.

If you want to keep your brushing and shine a little bit longer, use a Dry shampoo; Tecni.Art Morning After Dust, $23.60. Great for Sunday mornings when you are just too damn lazy to wash your hair.


Virgin Coconut oil; all over. Everywhere. Everyday. I love Clarins body cream but Coconut oil is great for my bum, stretchmarks (oh yes I have some too!) and evens your skin tone.

I recently discovered Bleu Lavande products; Amazing! The smell, the texture and the soothing/calming ingredients. I put Bleu Lavande Bubble bath in my Friday night bath and I spray my sheets and pillows before going to bed. RE-LAX should be their motto.

Before going to bed

Step 1: I cleanse my face with the Bleu Lavande Cleansing Milk with a ball of cotton, to take off my mascara and bronzer.

Step 2: I wash my face with the incredible Dermalogica- Ultra Calming Cleanser, it’s the best for sensitive skin. You should definitely take an appointment at Dermalogica Montréal for a facial, they will

Step 3: I apply Bleu Lavande cream before going to bed, I use a little bit more (thicker layer) and put it as a leave-in mask. When I wake up, my face is smooth and actually looks younger. Let’s prevent these wrinkles! Boom!

In the morning

Step 1: Wash my face with fresh water, then dry by pressing towel on your skin, never rub your skin. Treat your skin like it’s a satin dress. Carefully.

Step 2: Apply Dermalogica Pure light cream – evens my skin, makes it feel fresh and hydrated all day long.

Step 3: Nars Bronzer on my cheekbones, forehead and chin. Trying to hide my ¨Winter Tan¨.

Step 4: Fill my brows with Benefit BrowZings

Step 5: Apply a bit of mascara, my favorite at the moment; Maybelline Sensational

Voilà! Now the fun begins; what AM I WEARING TODAY?

Luv Lalic.

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