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By Laureen Pressoir

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“You know what your problem is ? You don’t ever see the big picture.” I’ve heard these exact same words in one of my favorite songs, but I knew it was no coincidence my inner voice was sending me a message. I was wrong all along thinking there was no way to make this summer fun, productive and memorable. I was no longer worried about tanning or achieving the oh so trendy bikini-ready figure. I had to look past the oh so coveted summer fling and started aiming for more exciting things.


  • Travelling: Working hard in putting efforts for all the required organization and making this the perfect occasion to save money, the ideal solution to my retail addiction. My experience started while road trippin’ with my girlfriends. A week to ourselves where we got to make on our own plans and live by our own rules! Mid-day naps, late nights, we really made it our mission to take this trip day by day with no schedules! We split all of the expenses and binged on all of our favorite snacks in the car! And of course, what’s a fun long ride on our way to reaching our destination, without a playlist to listen and to sing to, volume turned to maximum, windows down, hair blowing with the wind ?
    For the adventurous, the site of Niagara Falls, for the breathtaking view and the great variety of activities to do in the area, the streets around literally look and feel like a walk-in amusement park. We played at the Casino and had a blast at the Hershey Store, both on Falls Ave. Not so far, a few steps away, on Clifton Hill, me and my girlfriends stopped for tours in animated museums, got spooked at haunted houses and took a ride on a Ferris wheel, at night, right when fireworks were coloring the sky and reflecting on stars.

For the insatiable foodies, dining in fine restaurants and tasting the authentic cuisine from cultures from all over the world, for the shopping freaks, splurging in chic boutiques,  malls and outlets to hunt the best deals and for the after-dark thrill-seekers living the nightlife,   in the most entertaining clubs and lounges, everything can be found in the streets of T.O. and N.Y.C.
Mr. Chow 
Lee restaurant 

Then came the time for a family vacation. The goal: escaping the routine with people who make me happy, the perfect timing to create new memories ! It sure didn’t feel the same as being away with my girlfriends, but in both cases, there is nothing more inviting and cozy than an Airbnb, trust me! The steps into booking one is pretty easy, the website guides you in locations like Paris, Toronto, Miami, New York, Mexico, Rome, Quebec City… all according to your preferences ( budget, type of habitation, area, etc. ) Here is an example of an Airbnb in Toronto.




  • Cooking: it does sound ordinary, but if you’re a twenty-something just like me, constantly relying on others or always tempted by restaurants, giving a try at learning easy and healthy recipes is actually a big step towards being independent. My skills in the kitchen being limited and very not so advanced, I’ve decided to get the help of strong successful women that are family oriented  known for being inspiring and quite innovating in the cooking department :

Ayesha Curry, Host of Ayesha’s Homemade on the Food Network, author of The Seasoned Life

Chrissy Teigen, Influencer, author of Cravings: Recipes for all the Food You Want to Eat

Jessica Alba, Founder of the Honest Company, author of The Honest Life: Living naturally and True to You



  • Quit procrastinating: I’m probably the most nonathletic person of this world. I would literally call shopping my cardio and take my car to the bus stop. I’ve repeatedly been invited to join running groups, got the fitness gear and everything, but never actually used my kicks for anything more than just walking. I’m a sucker for yoga & dance classes, I’m not a complete klutz, so I guess it’s more a question of discipline in my case.

I like yoga, but I’m particularly a fan of bikram yoga, hot yoga! Great for the body, mind, soul and your love handles. Speaking of which, The LOLE White Tour, I plan on taking part in. 

with sessions in over 60 cities in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, each led by Lolë ambassadors and set to the tune of live musical performances. Stay tuned and join us in wearing all white to pose for peace at our upcoming LOLË WHITE TOUR ON THE ROAD events.

If you are more adventurous and want to work out with your favorite Beyonce or Rihanna’s sexy songs, try pole dancing. Milan Pole Dancing in Montréal is the best studio! Bring your girlfriends along. 

Plus de 6 000 personnes vêtues de blanc se sont rassemblées à une séance de yoga dans le cadre du Lolë White Tour Montréal 2014 sur le Quai Jacques-Cartier du Vieux-Port de Montréal.


“You need a plan, you need to set goals for yourself, all this energy you have, I mean, you said it yourself, there is so much you want to do, but none of that is possible if  you don’t actually believe in it and put your mind into it, my older sister shouted as we were discussing my boredom and unsuccessful romances.

She was right, there is so much more to life at this time of the year than to be seeking for a summer distraction, a temporary void-filler. Something as simple as a pep talk, is that little extra push I needed to turn things around. I had to hear it from someone else to finally open my eyes.  Looking back at past years, I think of how hopeful I was for a crush to spice up my summer. I remember how in the process, I got my heart stepped on a couple of times, while chasing shadows and waterfalls and facing empty walls.

Ironic, isn’t? I ignored my inner voice, while I could have simply made better decisions.  It’s just as if you have to sacrifice your time and emotions before truly learning your lesson, realizing silence often has a meaning, but most importantly your value, potential and purpose are not defined by what others see or don’t see in you. Everything happens for a reason, good and bad, and quite often, you’re better off questions troubling what is supposed to be the most enjoyable season!

— Laureen —




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