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The holiday season is finally upon us! We still haven’t had our first snow fall this season but it is still lovely weather. Christmas is upon us soon and it’s time to eat lots of pie and sing lots of Christmas songs. Christmas in New York is one of the magical times, with every tree on the street covered in lights and snowflakes on the lampposts. Macy’s puts on the greatest Christmas window decorations that memorize everyone passing by. Although the tough truth to face is that some of you guys don’t live in New York, but somewhere else on this planet regardless. One of the best parts about Christmas is waking up bright and early and unwrapping the presents! These are some Christmas gifts to get for your friends and family if you are lacking some imagination this year.

Moms and Pops

No matter what you get for your mama and papa, they are bound to love it anyway. They appreciate the gifts that come from your heart, like painting a picture or knitting a sweater. But when you tend to procrastinate on knitting that sweater or just don’t even know how to knit in the first place, there are still things that you can get them. One thing I am getting my parents is a gift certificate to a spa for the weekend, or rent then a cabin somewhere upstate for them. They do deserve a little break from what you are making them go through. Add in a food basket for them to enjoy on their little break.

I’ll tell you a little story about the Christmas of 1997 in my family. Well, I wasn’t around at that time. However, my parents were living in New York but both of their parents (my grandparents) lived in Russia. My parents did their own thing and I was on the way. Though my grandparents didn’t know at the time! So, my mom and pop rang the phone to Russia and jus announced that their Christmas gift to them was a grandchild. My grandparents were just so happy, it is still the greatest gift they have ever gotten.

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grampa are probably the easiest- they love all gifts from your heart twice as more then mom and pop. There are definitely creative things to get them. One thing I am getting them this Christmas is a calendar for 2016. Yes, that sees so simple, but what if it was 12 best photos of you and your family! Seriously, order a calendar with your pictures on it and that would make their whole year- literally. Maybe throw in a mug or a notebook with your best photo, seriously, they will love anything from you.


Sometimes this ca be tough. But if you know your sibling well, it’s the easiest thing in the world! Pick their favorite stores, and get something from there! Get them a yearly membership to a gym, or a huge gift card for their favorite stores. If they love a specific move (yes, there are tons of Harry Potter Merchandise) get them that! Or a favorite singer, get them concert tickets! The possibilities are truly endless for your siblings.

Your Love

This could be a challenge, as sometimes your significant other expects something specific. Though there could be a conversation about it, usually Christmas gifts are, well, surprises! Whether you decide to propose right then and there is your choice, but if the time isn’t quite right, settle for earing or a necklace. For the boy thang, get him an expensive watch or a new pair of dress shoes. Thinking about what the other person needs and wants is important in choosing the perfect gift.

The ultimate bottom line of Christmas should be family. Getting together on his day- feasting on a home-cooked meal, with lots of pie and hot chocolate (yes with little marshmallows). Singing Christmas songs and cuddling under the fire. Kissing under the mistletoe, and letting each other know they are loved- that’s really the true spirit of Christmas. That shouldn’t be forgotten.

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