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Exactly a week from today marked the first day of NYC Restaurant Week. It is starting on January 18th and going until February 5th.

I know you might be thinking ‘but wait, that’s almost three weeks!’ Yes! It is three weeks! It is three whole weeks of fine dining, 3 course meals, lots of dessert and a number of new found gems to always remember. The Generations Y’s come out to dine and wine. Food tents are already open and street fairs are being set up. This is going to be an exciting couple weeks for this Socialite!

Every day of last week I went to travel all over Manhattan to try new foods with some different friends of mine. This is my list of the places I dined at by the day I went on! I am hoping to take you on a mini trip to NYC to experience some of NYC Restaurant week.

Monday – it was a holiday here in America, honoring the great Martin Luther King Jr. People were lazy and that called for a lazy brunch. It was noon when I headed out to Best Bagels & Coffee. This place (I have been there once before) is very small and very packed as really, they are the best Bagels and Coffee! For dinner I went to Juniors in Midtown. That is my favorite place to have dinner as it feels like home for some reason (don’t forget to try the cheesecake!) That wasn’t very special but they are still my favorites!

Tuesday – I booked a reservation for lunch at ‘21’ Club. Not necessarily a club, but it was a lounge and a bar. I have heard it is an exquisite American cuisine restaurant with a long reservation list. To my convinance and luck, I was able to put my name on the list (go me!). On the outside it had beautiful statues of children on the awning, it was wonderful. Once inside, it was classy and elegant with white sheeted tables (that’s how you know you have to dress appropriate for this one). I had the Bar Room- the Prix Fixe Lunch- sounds fancy!

Wednesday – On Wednesday I was already around Columbus Circle so I stopped by A Voce Columbus. A Milanese aesthetics overlooking Central Park restaurant. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews of this place and I was very excited to finally try this one! Located on the 3rd floor of the Time Warner building on Columbus Circle, I’ve heard it is lusty and sophisticated. Well, it absolutely was lusty and sophisticated. I tried the Beef Tartare (best I’ve ever had). A beautiful view from nearly every seat, the food was full of flavor, I officially state this one was a goodie!

Thursday – A couple weeks ago on Buzzfeed I came across a short video about the biggest, most colorful milkshake dessert, ever. You probably also have seen it. It’s so big and colorful, it attracted me right away. So I had to change my plans and head there. The restaurant is called Black Tap a place of enormous burgers, modern sides and exquisite almost a whole foot tall milkshake. Located in Soho, it is a casual hip place already bringing in crowds of people. I couldn’t possibly eat all of this so the 3 of us shared the whole meal. Nutella milkshake gave me a heart attack.

Friday –  My best friend was leaving for college and he bought me Hawaiian pizza as a saying good bye last minute hang out. New York restaurant week was incredible, but hanging out with my friend in my sweats and eating pizza felt so great ! Sometimes, simplicity is the key!

But enough being sad, let’s make some reservations!  Maybe in the next week I will try some more places but restaurant week or not, food is one of my favorite things. Food is a universal symbol of love. There is no sincerer love than the love of good food. Remember, one bite and all your dreams will come true!

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