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By Kate Lalic


In New York there are two very important weeks throughout the summer. Yes, there is Independence day, Labor Day and even Thanksgiving where people take off weekends. However, there are only two weeks where there is a weeklong celebration. Two weeks that bring humanity and the race together as one. That is Christmas and New York Fashion Week. Well, as you know it is not yet Christmas season (although, very soon, I promise!) but it New York Fashion Week just zoomed by. Here, I will be talking about two of my personal friends (who just so happens to be high-end fashion designers), along with some of the maser minds of the runway.

The first one I will tell you about is a personal friend for many years now, as he basically watched me grow up. He does beautiful pleat work, for dresses and skirts. International Pleating (his company) is a close favorite for other designers, sometime collaborating designs and textures. He is a master and mixing and matching, sewing and patching, and can name all the colors in the universe. He was featured at the Carmen Marc Valvo show, and had been featured with Coach Handbags.

The second designer is MESKITA, a Brazilian fashion designer from Sao Paulo. Her name is Allessandra Meskita to which she was encouraged to design her own fashion line by the age of 15. Her fashion and lifestyle line features ready to wear, lingerie, swimsuit, shoes and home accessories. Her lines combine the modern grace and feminine air with flashing lights and the energy of city glamour, many models walked down the runway in her collection, including Victoria Secret model, Barbara Fialho.

Next, I will tell you about the newest designers, who made a lasting impressing on me was Charles Youssef. Including zig-zags and trims on coats and dresses, He manages to make every piece feel special without sacrificing wearability. He is currently based in New York, catching the eye of the one and only Lady Gaga for her casual days of songwriting.

Of course, there is Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren (who are the runway kings) who have embodied extravagance and chicness into a form of art. All were very artistic and had a graphic vibe that’s aligned with the designers love for fashion. After all, that is the intention of fashion.

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