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#NYFW 2016

By TheSocialite

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Some mornings, it’s harder to wake up. Who wants to go shovel their car or hide their fresh new hair cut with a pompom tuque? 

Sometimes it is easy, like for Valentine’s Day or National Girlfriends Day (see our latest post about Girlfriends), but sometimes not sleeping much can happen for a couple of specific reasons.

What are those reasons you may ask? NYFW. New York fashion week is one of the  biggest weeks in NYC, right next to Restaurant week (see earlier article), Thanksgiving, and New Years.

Fashion week in New York takes a lot. For all parties involved, there are sleepless nights and busy days. Whether the designer is finishing up the last touches of that one particular dress, or the makeup artist correcting the accidental smudge on the model, and even the model skipping her meals that day to fit in her outfit (though we may not like this, this does happen often).

However, I am here to tell you my favorites from the runway and why they are my new faves. Of course Calvin Klein (did you see Kendall Jenner in Calvin’s?!) and Marc Jacobs are still on top, there are some that you may not have heard of. Check them out!

Givenchy – I particularly took interest in this one as I have meet someone, a random very handsome man on the street. He was was working on project bleep (I’m sorry I can say. I promised him I wouldn’t say!) for Givenchy. Needless to say, this fashion is over the top artistic but yet socially acceptable to wear on the street everyday, well almost…

Alice & Oliva – serious obsession with the embellished tees and the beaded dresses. Alice and Olivia is the new thang. Colorful floral prints above basic black. Fans like Nicki Minaj, Julianne Hough and Katy Perry were spotted wearing Alice and Oliva!

Vera Wang – I was once at a glamorous wedding of a family relative and the bride and her maid all had very, very glamorous dresses. I later found out that they were all wearing Vera Wang. From then on, I thought she was only bridal. Boy was I surprised that she is not only bridal! Seeing her designs on the runway, its unique style and American flavor made it relatable to something I would surely wear.

I remember a specific day when I was back home in Moscow, Russia. I was probably about 7 years old. I spoke only Russian back then, but wasn’t interested in the television drama they put on every night. Instead, I used to watch a channel specially dedicated to fashion runway shows. At the time, their clothing was very unreal to me, TRÈS FOU! I asked my grandmother why the designers designed unrealistic clothes that nobody would wear on the street.  “It’s called art.” she said.

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