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By Kate Lalic

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Real talk.


A day in the life of a blogger.  Fun they said.


Wake up. Make yourself a coffee. The mousse of the first coffee wasn’t thick enough. Make another coffee and then take a picture with your latest buy. #flatlay #needtopostwhenmyfollowersareonline


Get dressed for a product presentation. But don’t forget you can’t wear this sweater because you wore it last week at an event. Also, you already did an Instagram #ootd with the same sweater. I really need to go shopping or be more creative.  #dresstoimpress #creditcardonfire


Trying to cover that PIMPLE. But why… I have two events tonight and would love to make the cover of Mtl blog post. Let’s put a little bit more makeup.  #openingof #iwasthere

Put my heels on, oh just remembered I forgot to pay my cellphone bill. Will do that later. It’s on my mental list of things to do. #callyourmom

Stop for gaz. Hate the smell. My hands are freezing and why is this fuel cap so low? Or Am I too tall with these heels? I’m always breaking my back and weird looking. Can someone please fill up my car for me? #anxiety #hungryandhangry

Stuck in traffic. Looking at my last instagram picture, my morning coffee. 73 likes? What did I do wrong? Maybe I should delete it. Maybe I’m posting too many coffee pictures. Maybe I didn’t post at the right time. #strategy #canishutdownallmysocialmediaaccounts

Arrive at the product presentation. Fashionistas, beauty blogggers, youtubers, journalists fill up the room. All spying. All judging.  #meangirls #highschoolalloveragain

Go back to the car. Get a parking ticket. No, I’m not going to Instagram that but for sure my Snapchat story will show the latest products and a Mimosa with strawberries dipped in chocolate. Oh and, I can’t forget to post a picture of my outfit in front of a brick wall. #brickwallsareoverrated #copycat

Go back home. Write about this and that. Email a fashion designer. Email your makeup artist; How do I get rid of that pimple before tomorrow’s shoot? Email your boyfriend : Are you available for the event tonight? Please I need you to take a picture of my outfit. #photographerboyfriend #whatamigoingtowear

Apply a beauty mask. Praying God my face will look like a Victoria Secret Angel right before the fashion show. NOT. #expectations #bellahadid

Watch an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix  that features speculative fiction with dark and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

OMG. Insane show; rating others, liking pictures of fake lives we are all living, being popular in everyone’s eye, connected to social media and your cellphone 24/7.


What you see it not always what you get. Let me see your pimple, your not-so-great cappuccino, let me see your parking ticket and your late night fights with your boyfriend.

Maybe Kayne is a little bit crazy, but he’s right. Open your eyes. Talk to your neighbours, smile at people on the street, give your time & love to your family and once in a while, disconnect and turn off your phone.

Real talk, blogging, maintaining an image, writing, creating content, attending events, collaborating with brands is a full time job. Not always easy and fun, like our Instagram feed or stories.

Stay real my friends, stay real.

Luv Lalic.


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