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By Kate Lalic

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So, the man of your dreams just proposed on one knee and offered you the most beautiful love gesture of all times. You are now a wife to be with all the responsibilities that comes with the title. My dear, it is not as easy as it might seem…

Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and start planning in an effective way. Personally, I’m a great event planner when it comes to my birthday, baby showers or a girl’s night out. A wedding is another ball game my friends. Emotions and expectations get involved in the planning and then you realize that your fantasy wedding would actually cost 2 604 305 $ in reality. Like I said, don’t panic and start saving! Ha-ha. Let’s be honest, we all want the wedding of our dreams but without all the hassle…

Start reading and taking notes fiancés!

Rule #1

Reach out to friends and family that have a special skill, passion or hobby. They could definetely help out by getting their hands dirty. Surround yourself by friends that want to give a hand. If they are not interested, don’t force it. Let’s put the bridezilla aside.

Here are a few examples :

  • A sister that sings like Beyonce – she could sing 2-3 songs at the reception as a wedding gift for the couple.
  • A friend who loves scrapbooking or arts&crafts- you just found your go-to person for party favors.

Rule #2

Don’t buy an expensive cake that you will cut for a picture but won’t eat. Less cake, more champagne.

Rule #3

Sleep at the same hotel or location wtih your makeup artist the night before the big day. You never know if he will get a flat tire on his way. He can’t be late. Period.

Rule #4

Designate a loyal bridesmaid to keep your cellphone away all day. She is the ¨guardian¨ of the dramatic calls or texts you might do if you get nervous. #dontdoit

Rule #5

You wanted Agent Provocateur lingerie for your honeymoon but decided to put the money on Peonies? Check out @AliceKass lingerie or @Sokoloff lingerie, both Montreal start up compagnies that has TO DIE FOR lingerie pieces! Don’t forget to book your waxing appointment 3-4 days before the big day!

Rule #6

Choose your bridesmaids wisely. Make a list of character traits for every girl and then associate them with a ¨bridesmaid responsibility¨. A calm & logic friend must be the one in charge of your phone, your lipstick and be your bathroom helper on the day of. A energic & creative friend must be in charge of the bachelorette night! A ¨martha stewart¨ friend should help organizing the Bridal shower.

Rule #7

Less is more. Don’t bring all your girlfriends, your sister, your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, aunt for your first wedding dress appointment. I suggest you do a ¨scouting day¨with your best friend. Take a look at a few boutiques and find dresses you would like to try on at an appointment. At least, you get an idea of what you like and dislike and you are not pressured by everyone. Your bestfriend will tell you the truth if there is too much sparkle or ruffles; trust me.

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