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By Kate Lalic

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Walking down a cobble road in Montreal, I tend to notice the fashion and style of everyone around.  Seeing locals walk down the street, I can help but notice their Marc Jacobs handbag, their culottes, the pungent Dior Perfume, as well as their shoes, the greatest accessory of all.


The Boho style of the outfit permits Birkenstocks (which are becoming the ‘It’ sandals of this summer already and I will never get caught wearing them even if they are comfortable!). Any light Boho dress long or floral short will fit perfectly with any type of Silde. Just imagine a cruise in your convertible with wind flying from under your sun hat, dress flying in all sorts of crazy directions showing your shoes… ah dreams.

The Crossovers are easy and simple to wear with some black tights pants and a crop top of any color. Jean shorts with a flowy dress shirt with your favorite handbag go well with Slides as well. It’s a blogger thing.

Shoes. Who doesn’t love shoes? The most important thing about shoes are the safety of your little toesies as well as keeping your feet nice and clean from the filthy streets. The real question is what fashionable shoe can be work in the biggest cities of all with comfort as well as zero worry about blisters. Also they are great shoes for wearing after you got your toes done at the salon, as a side note. Slide your feet into them and you are ready!  Get started by getting yourself a pair of the new sandal trend, yes you guessed it, the slide. This casual trendy footwear can be a great asset to almost any outfit, take into consideration Naomi Watts casual outfit for her bike ride in New York earlier this month, she spiced up a simple pair of metallic slide sandals with a Denim Short Dress by Manila Grace. Amanda Bynes was also photographed wearing a pair of Adidas shower slides for a photo shoot, coincidence? I think not! But let’s not take Amanda’s style as an example…

Raging from many fashion designers like Steve Madden, Tory Burch and BCBGeneration. From a wide variety of styles and colors, there is always a find for a day for shopping, to Saturday brunches with your girls, to even a night out. The key is how you wear the whole outfit that permits such a shoe to be worn.

Slides can be worn with maxi and mini dresses as long as they scream casual and chic. Remember fashion must be balanced don’t over do it! Imagine going to the beach with some friends wearing a black fedora, a chic new Mono-kini with an outrageously colored sun dress all to mellow it down with a trendy pair of metallic black slide sandals. Picture Perfect right? I’m sure by now you’re dying to know where you too can purchase your own pair of slides. Don’t worry, I’ll let you in on the “not-so-much-of-a-secret”. Slides can be purchased in a variety of stores. Adidas walk in and online stores are a great start for the famous black and white striped shower sandal. Other big stores like Polyvore carry a unique selection of celebrity type slides for the average person (like us…ugh).

OK, Adidas (or Nike as shown) is a classic but I’m more a fashionista than a bleachers girl. Metallic to black leather, Zara has a great selection of slides for my wallet. If you want to turn some heads, check out  J.Crew’s, Isabelle Marant’s, Kate Spade’s and Michael Kors’ slide selection. If you reallyyyy want to show off get yourself the CÉLINE’s or the Chloé’s.  Yes, they are gorgeous. Put them on your Xmas list or just go shopping with M.White?

  If you haven’t purchased your pair of slide sandals make a start with the above listed shoe stores for you to step in style. Want to have fun in the sun with friends, all while being a mini fashionista with a trendy look? The slide sandal is a new must-have for your wardrobe.

Picture this, a summer hat, sunglasses, a stripped tank, and loose fitting black pants with slides. Perfect day out in the city, being comfortable and gorgeous.

Basically, the most important thing is comfort and expression of who you really are, through style and creativity made by others. That’s ok, you can share the creativity of others by being happy with yourself, and expressing that with your style!

You are the one creating your look!

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