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There are a number of things that comprise my life – making me complete. There is actually an infinite number of things that I can’t survive without. However this is the Socialites Top 4 for the luxurious living. These are in no particular order as they are equally loved by me.


Whenever I feel down, there is usually something that cheers me up, music. Now, I don’t consider music my life as I am not a passionate musician who breathes by music. However, I am an avid Spotify fan. When I commute by car or bus, Spotify is always on. Making playlists and pretending I am driving on a long Cliffside road heading towards a big mountain. With a click of a button a song is now my muse…

 Good Food

There is usually a time in my busy schedule to sit down for a couple hours and just eat. There is a time when I am everywhere and nowhere at all. That meaning I can be in Soho one hour and Harlem the next. I don’t travel around the city –usually by taxi – without any reason. I take this time to enjoy good food. You see, it is important to look forward to something during the week and then weekend comes and you party. Work hard, play hard, right? Right. As the busy weekdays can become exhausting and introverting, there are always a couple hours in my week where I go ahead and try good food. I have a long list of places people recommend me to visit. I make sure to have the time for each one and later cross it off the list. As the daughter of a food critic, I learned how to correctly judge food. I don’t have the time for fast food places and cheap eats. I make sure they are worth my money. Some favorites for brunch is Norma’s at the Le Parker Meridian. Another is Penelope in midtown. Next, I would go to Blue Dog for a small dinner by work. For some fast food, it would always be Shake Shack!  Schmackery’s for cookies and Juice Press for juices.

Entertainment & love

Here is actually a little funny story. I was doing a school project right on Times Square. This project consisted of talking to many, many people and asking them 3 simple random questions. Well I approached a handsome young man sitting on a chair and eating from a plate of food and engrossed in his own music. Halfway from approaching him, I wasn’t sure if I should or not but my out-going personality shut down that thought and I went for it. I had then intention of speaking to him, and that’s exactly what happened. He was startled at first of how easily I could approach him without fear. We quickly got into a conversation and he shared that he was a theater actor, in a nearby Broadway show called Amazing Grace. I became excited and said that I will see him one day. He told me that the show will be ending very soon and I basically had three weeks to find time to see a show. That wasn’t a problem as I was so set and excited to see him, the very next day I asked out my crush (of three freaking years) to which he agreed to watch the show with me! I was very excited and was counting down the days. Well, the Saturday night came and I was super excited. We met up on Times Square and walked to the box office of the show. I simply had to say my name and smile and the tickets were in my hand in a flash. We got seated and the show started. He had his arm around my shoulders and it was very exciting to me. The show was a blast. The actor was great and the music was phenomenal. We escaped reality for 2 hours and jumped 300 years back. After the show we met up with the actor and he gave us a backstage tour- which was absolutely incredible. However I remember very clearly my date telling me ‘Lets go see one show every month for as long as we are both in New York.’ I nodded my head and smiled at him, he gave me a very tight hug and we parted our separate ways – knowing well this would happen again soon.


This is something that nearly everyone knows about me. I wouldn’t say I am addicted to macarons and coffee – although no real addict will admit that they are addicted to anything. I remember when I was 15 or so, I was walking in the city and stumbled across a little macaron café. It was the cutest, with a wide window displaying a number of colorful round treats. I decided to go in with my mom. She was very reluctant and joked about how she can taste the sugar in her mouth, even without taking a bite! We walked inside and the right wall was completely covered in colorful macarons. It was the most pleasant view I have ever seen. I considered myself at home. I had told my mom that if i could commit to not eating but macarons for the rest of my life, I totally would. She then joked at how she will decorate my casket, covering it completely with colorful round desserts. It became my thing now, when I am asked what reward I want or a present, I would always ask for macarons.

Of course, there are more things I can’t survive without. Perhaps a part two will come your way soon. However, as of this moment in time, I can whole heartedly say these are my top things for luxurious living. Of course, we all may have work and school and other commitments and deadlines- but there should be a time in the busy week where you sit down and just be in joy.

The Socialite


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