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It’s been a few weeks now that Summer has started! Some are coming back from their holidays, some are packing their staff and there are those who haven’t planned any vacation abroad… Don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the most beautiful part of the year!

There are plenty of activities you can do during this part of the year and… there are also so many nice pieces of your wardrobe you can wear when it’s sunny so you can’t just stay home!

Here is our top 5 ranking the best summer activities


  • Roadtrip & Glamping

What a nice way to spend the weekend! Go on the road with a couple of friends! Drive to “we don’t know where” until you see a nice place with a beautiful landscape. Just take a tent, a few beers and what’s necessary to do a camp fire (don’t forget the marshmallows) and you are ready to spend a nice sunny weekend under the stars. Put on a nice short, your flip-flops, your best colorful or positive slogan t-shirt and you cap! No need to spend time doing your brushing and your make up! The earlier you go, the more time you’ll spend in a calm place with your friends. Just put snacks and your freshening case in your backpack and leave. #beyourself

Check out Huttopia camping sites – Glamping in style. Imported from France, comfortably furnished, prospector style tents dot the land at Huttopia. This idyllic woodsy domain combines ready-made rustic dwellings with resort activities such as wine tastings, tennis and swimming pools (


  • Festivals

I don’t know place in the world where no festival is organized. Forget about the load of work you had during the week at the office, forget about your problems. Enjoy this musical and friendly atmosphere that festivals offer. Just have a drink, dance, sing if you want to… and meet new people. Montreal is the city of festivals, enjoy strolling sown the streets and listening to outdoor shows. DonMt forget to grab a quick bite from a cool Foodtruck!

Sport/sneaker style is the most suitable for that kind of event! Oversize short dress and colourful sneakers. Easy and stylish! Who can say better? OSHEAGA has established itself as the most important festival of its genre in Canada. Osheaga’s 11th edition will take place July 29th to 31st, 2016 once again at Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal.



  • House party

If you have a terrace, a balcony or a garden then you have all you need to organize a house party! Just plug phone on the speakers, ask each of your friends to bring a bottle. Good music, good people, here we go! This can be preceded with a barbecue. I have to admit, I am a barbecue lover… So I have many recipes for nice salads.

My favourite one is my tuna pasta salad. Here are some clues to rock your tuna salad.

Ingredients: canned tuna, canned salmon, walnut oil, olive oil, mayo, lemon, salt, pepper, basilic, fresh tomatoes and pasta.

  • Boil some water for the pastas. When cooked, drain the pasta and get them cold with cold water so that they don’t get sticky. Drain them again. Then pour some olive oil in the pasta.
  • Mash the tuna and the salmon then mix them together adding walnut oil and a little bit of olive oil. Add 2 table spoon of mayonnaise, spice it with salt, pepper and basil.
  • Cut the tomatoes in dices
  • Mix all the ingredients in one big bowl

Now you have a nice pasta salad to eat with good grilled meat!

Tip: offer a welcoming cocktail to everybody. This is a good way to start a party, with a good drink in your hands.

A nice decoration for your terrace or your garden, for a barbecue/house party during summer:

  • Cover the tables with white tablecloths and chairs with white chair covers (you can get nice chair covers from IKEA accessories)
  • Put some flat terracotta pots with lit charcoal when it is getting darker or candles.
  • Don’t forget the inflatable SWANS for your Instagram pictures!

There you can dress up a little bit; my crush outfit for a party with friends: white dress with knee length sandals.

Here are some nice knee length sandals; Polyvore gladiator sandals.



  • Aquatic

It’s hot so why not putting your sexiest swimsuit for a day in an aquatic park, at the beach or at the border of the nearest lake. Don’t forget your picnic and your best friends!

My crush swimsuits:

High waist bikini bottoms (the best for those who have large waist)

Deep v plunge one-piece swimsuit (avoid that if you have big breast)

The cutout swimsuit (for girls with thin bust)

  • Shop…

Wait for it… ping! I’m not a shopaholic but let’s admit that summer is the best moment of the year for shopping! Best deals, good weather to walk through all the shops. After all, when you shop, you burn calories! That’s a fact… not my invention! But let’s do it in a different way, Let’s go to another town girls! Visit the town and at least one museum in the morning. The less hours you spend in shops, the more money you have left in your wallet when going back home. Then you can end the day with a drink on a nice terrace or rooftop bar.

Here are some shops where you can get nice pieces at affordable prices:

  • My number one reference for bags, sandals and accessories is PARFOIS which is a Portuguese brand. You can have a look at their wonderful accessories. Make sure you have dollars on your bank account because you will fall in love with some items; Parfois !
  • For your cosmetic items, I recommend you to check KIKO Cosmetics which is an Italian brand; Kiko cosmetics
  • Finally, for fashionable blouses, jackets, pants, etc. check the latest pieces of our beloved Zara and Mango. You can easily understand that I am in love with Mediterranean brands!



You see! Going abroad is not the only way to have a nice Summer. So those who haven’t spared enough or don’t have time to spend weeks far from their duties, there are still nice things to do in your neighbourhood! 

 — Kaja —



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