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In Greek mythology, muses are goddesses of inspiration on science, literature and the art. Fashion is an art; therefore there are muses that we can certainly look up to. But unlike the regular muses in Greek myth, we can definitely see these fashion muses almost everywhere: on fashion magazines, news, movies, TV and the social media. Behold the 6 muses to look up to when it comes to the fashion world.

Kylie & Kendall Jenner

 The Jenner-Kardashian clan has always been the center of limelight. And now the teenager and the youngest in the clan (when excluding the grandkids) is heating up the social media and the magazines with her glamorous looks. Kylie is always glams up the red carpet but her casual looks are looks to-die-for. Example of a simple get up Kylie dons is a simple but posh pink and white cape over her all-black outfit; or a pairing a lace crop top with super skinny jeans. Plus great sneakers can make the look comfy but cute.

 It would seem incomplete if Kylie is on the list but Kendall isn’t. And not just because they seem like a pair to beckon with but Kendall is an absolute fashion icon. We can see her mostly on magazines but the streets are also her territory. A sparkly sweater dress topped with furry white coat and thigh-high boots and she’s ready to walk the streets. Or steal her glamorous look by adding a printed bandana to amp up a black coat over a simple get-up.

Kim K

 Let’s complete the list of the famous sisters and just add Kim. And why not? Despite all the controversies, Kim stands up and walks the streets like she owns it. Her curve is something to envy but the way she accentuates every part of her body with her curve-embracing outfits and split skirts. Full bodied chicks can have so much to learn from Kim K.

Cara Delevigne

She’s hitting the movies this year with movie adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns. But more than that, she’s a world-renowned supermodel who walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret and Chanel. But she’s most iconic for her bold, fun and fearless looks. When she’s not doing the supermodel, she’s just donning the comfortable trousers, boots and jackets plus hats and bonnets.

Olivia Palermo

I love love love Olivia’s style. She is a mix of  the classic Audrey Hepburn and the cosmopolitan Carrie Bradshaw. She loves to dare but still keeps her style polished. This haute couture socialite pairs vintage with avant-garde and pulls it off every time! If you really want to refresh your street style for spring take a look at her fashion & lifestyle blog,

If you’re gonna wear a sweatshirt, make sure it reads ‘luxe’ and not ‘gym;’

– Olivia Palermo

Kate Middleton

When it comes to class and elegance, the Duchess is the queen. You can get Kate’s look by getting a pair of Stuart Weitzman Minx sandals she’s been using for the last few years plus her iconic poppy print dress from L.K. Bennett Lasana. Or if you’re expecting like the Duchess, you can get an elegant but comfortable Asos Maternity dress like what she wore when she visited Home-Start centre in Woolwich.


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