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By Kate Lalic

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Ahhhhh…Coachella. At Coachella, it is nearly important what you wear than who is playing on stage. Are you wondering what to wear for this sunny desert festival? You don’t have to worry about that because you can honestly wear whatever the hell you want! This multi- day festival is great to bring company along, enjoy the music of your lifetime, and dance your feet away. So, I am inviting you to Coachella.

If you are looking to be wearing more than a bikini to the legendary festival, I have suggestions and tips and what I think personally you should watch out for. You want to be as comfortable as possible but stylish at the same time. Well how do you do that without wearing sneakers under your ball gown? I’m kidding, don’t actually wear a ball gown to the festival…

Lets start with something we all have to take into consideration. Now I don’t want to burst your happy bubble but at the same time it is likely that the festival will fall under some rainy days, yes I have seen this before. The show must go on (hehe QUEEN reference) but it is important to still be prepared for anything. So grab a light sweater to tie around your waist (this will look cute with anything but maxi dresses) or keep the sweater in your bag as it may get a bit breezy at nights. You should bring sunscreen that is non-oily, non-greasy and preferably one that doesn’t smell of sunscreen.

So here are the basics for shirts. You can never go wrong with crop tops. Ever. Some good places to find crop tops are Forever 21, Ambercrombie Fitch, H&M, American Apparel is also very big on them. That can be any color, but I recommend pale colours like white or grey. If you love lace like I do, you should take a look at Saboskirt’s online store. There is a ton of white lace tops, skirts and flowy dresses.

Top shop should also be on your shopping list ; stylish apprael, a little splash of rock indie style. If you want to steal Cara Delevigne look !!

By the way, did you know that H&M has their own Coachella Collection? It’s in stores now, go pick up some pieces before there’s none left!

Don’t forget to hashtag your pictures #HMLovesmusic

Shop H&M loves Coachella

Gypsy Loving Light for nice indie jewelry and your favorite flash tattoos.

Jane & Rye for unique jewelry made in Montréal, we are in love with their body jewelry. Don’t be afraid to show some skin !

Shop Jane & Rye

Watch out for our favorite celebs festival look. 

Vanessa Hudgens, Cara delevigne and Kendall Jenner, will she still rock her large hoop nose ring?


Zara gladiator sandals are THE sandal of the season. Trust me, you’ll catch everyones attention, they will be  fanning you with a palm and feeding you grapes. Rectification: Ryan Gosling will be feeding you grapes.

The most important thing is to dress for yourself, post a ton onto Instagram (so everyone is jealous of you and your outfit) stay very hydrated and have fun!

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