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By Kate Lalic

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Sun bathing on a sandy white beach, swaying to the beat of the music near. A glass of champagne in one hand, a cigarette in the other. The sun is radiating its magic, kissing the surface of my skin. The bikini is a simple black J Crew and the sunglasses are pointy cat eye Chanel’s. A young surfer walks by and smiles, all I could ask myself was, is this real? Well, yes.

Welcome to Israel.

By many measures Israel is a small country but is very well known as a welcoming and exquisite. Jerusalem is the official capital and a holy city to three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Tel Aviv brims with beaches and bustles with urban vitality. Camel riding in the desert or touring the Old City of Jerusalem, being home to key religious sites.

While most of Europe and Asia are shivering in the coldest of winters, Israel is tanning it up in the winter, spring, summer and fall. The Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal season to come to the beach, visit the countless museums, study some old philosophy and become a religious person. Israel is also known for the love of fashion.

Ronen Chen, Mirit Weinstock, Yigal Azrouel, all wide known fashion designers originating from Israel are widely known all throughout Europe. Some of American actors and actresses can be seen by one of their works: Sarah Jessica Parker, Catharine Zeta Jones, to name only a few. Some are jewelry designers, or shoe designers or just fashion runway models getting their high during Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

So go ahead, grab a friend and go to the Dead Sea, the lowest and saltiest point on earth. If you need to cool down and feeling rundown, the Dead Sea is the ideal place to chill. Smother some mineral rich mud and float on your back to forget reality.

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