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Kate Lalic

Kate is a disturbed young woman with a posh lifestyle. She blends in perfectly in this fake world, transporting her around the globe. Love with multiple men, fashion, events, she’s a lonely girl entering a grown up world. Discover the journey of this young blogger throught her words. She is letting you in her world of madness… Who is she? A young french litterature student who has many interesting facets. Juggling between her unidimensional friends and her successful lovers, will she be à la hauteur? She hides a deep secret but covers it with Chanel lipstick. Established in Montreal since 1991, she had to leave Zagreb, Croatia at a early age during the war. Her chameleon personality and her iconic face will forever change the life of every man she embraces…

Keep your clutch close but your man closer.

Cuddle King

Artsy boy from Griffintown, Montréal. Passisonnate, mysterious, starting his career in the artistic world as a photographer, painter and sculpture. His french background and great taste for woman, makes him irresistible. Cuddle King has too many hearts. He left one in Paris and one in Montreal. The other, is shared by multiple long legged European women…

I’m defined by what I can portrait.

Koco The Socialite

Koco; a fresh face in the New York fashion industry. Miu Miu, Lanvin, Dolce, name it, she wears it. Always invited to the nicest Vanity Fair parties and the fanciest Hamptons cocktails. Networking is her religion, she’s slowly but surely climbing up the social scale.  Holding an Yves St-Laurent clutch in one hand, she’s holding her golden destiny in the other…Koco is a blend of Chanel’s classy look, Burberry’s straight checked pattern with a pinch of Valentino’s mischievous style.  At the end, she’s still the girl next door dressing up for cameras.

Happiness can be found at Bergdorf Goodman.


Go big or go home, that’s her motto. LV is a socialite who’s life has always been full of adventures and charity events. Her name says it all. As bubbly as Moet, as perky as the Eiffel Tower, she always has a devilish plan to conquer the world. Mostly the rich and famous world she already lives in… She’s a thrill seeker, driven to behave irrationally due to her delusions of grandeur. Her charismatic laugh always captures attention.

Under her unreal long lashes she hides, wanting more and more… This american girl who lives in lust, might one day become the First Lady.

Rather die young tragically than old and wrinkled.

Mr. White

Business man from New York, a nouveau riche who invested at the right place at the right time. Mid fifties, owns mutiple residence with a front view of the beach. Mr. White doesn’t know how to love because he has never been loved by someone. His heart is purely mechanical, biological, vital in a medical way. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t even bother to take care of it.

Time doesn’t exist but money is timeless