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By Kate Lalic

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Everyone seems to be doing overalls these days,as we call it in french, La Salopette.  They are the in thing with celebrities and models and those of us who like to dress up and flaunt (as we were one of them..gosh). I took an in-depth look (surfing Pinterest and stalking everyones blog) at how to wear overalls in the cutest possible way for the summer!

Get your blogger look… so, what is a blogger look anyways? let’s see.

Celeb look Olivia Palermo

If you’ve got curves and like to show them off in the classiest way possible, see Daphne Blunt‚ (To Style with Love) take on overalls. She rocks a pair of overalls that have a somewhat higher bib than the others on this list, as it compliments her best. It actually looks and feels more like a jumpsuit than a pair of overalls, which (in my opinion) adds to its appeal.

Sincerely Jules, Julie Sarinana pulled off a spectacular casual look with a red-hoop white t-shirt under blue vintage overalls (shorteralls, actually), a cross body bag, flat sandals on her feet and a felt hat for good measure.

Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) took a pair of overalls and added a nice touch of youth to them. She sported a very casual look with a white t-shirt underneath a pair of blue shorteralls and some low-top shoes to go with the look. It was very casual but very pretty at the same time.

Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What) wore straight leg overalls and accompanied them with the simplest, nonetheless very modish white button down shirt and a pair of the most stylish black and white statement heels to go with them.

Paulien Riemis (Polienne) ventured into somewhat unchartered waters as she pulled off all white everything. She wore snowy (boyfriend-style) denim shorteralls with a pair of flat black sandals, making the most of the summer feel.


You could also look to make a statement with a pair of cool wide-leg, flared overalls. These go particularly well with a pair of platforms or some chunky summer heels.

Speaking of shorteralls, Jessie Bush (We the People) took to styling herself with a white pair over a black and white hoop-striped t-shirt. As you may have guessed, the t-shirt stood out like it should have‚the white bright shorteralls made for wonderful constrast with it.

Like Jessie Bush above, Blair Eadie (Atlantic Pacific) did the black and white stripes under white overalls too. The pair actually was actually a slimmer version of a boyfriend jean. The look was completed with the simplest of stylish flat white sandals (and maybe some dark sunglasses for the road).

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