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By Kate Lalic

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To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left.


I believe in fairytales, in love at first sight, I believe in that one special person who makes you feel like the princess of Whales, or Monaco?. I always thought one day my prince charming ( French of course!) would come sweep me off my feet riding a white horse and handing me a blue box. Guess what, the white horse was replaced by a white german berline and the blue box by a heartbreak…

Breakups can be a very stressful situation in the life of a person. Nobody wants to lose a good relationship that will bring lots of stress and sorrow in the future. Women generally feel depressed after breaking up from a special person with whom she used to spend special moments, such as spending sunday afternoons strolling downtown or even cuddling in front of Netflix.  What is a heartbreak all about? Ice cream? Chic flicks? Sad love songs?

A Heartbreak is an emotional impact that will not only leave you lonely but will also affect your mental and physical health. There can be various reasons behind the heartbreak. Some the common reasons due to which women breaks up emotionally are loss of the dear ones, a close friend or even a cute pet (little thought for my doggy). Heartbreak also builds mix reaction and emotions in which a woman gets confused after breaking up from a specific relationship. She has to clear her head before heading to a new direction. Or take some time to focus on her… not on the relationship. Be selfish for once. 


Does the soul mate theory really exist? Yes, I still believe in fairytales.

According to the ancient concept it is believed that there’s a special person in everyone’s life that will make her complete. A soulmate is person who will teach you what love is all about, show you the obstacles in your life and the effective ways to face it in a proper manner and also help you to understand the value of relationship. A soul mate is a person with whom you can share the deepest feelings. You both become the priority for each other. 


Should you get back together after a breakup?

 According to research it has been found that break up is extremely beneficial to revamp a broken relationship. Around 50 % of couples get back together after a break up from their loved ones. You will be able to realize the importance of the person in your life. For the first time in years or months, you will try to show your best to the person you love most. There’s a catch… you need to understand that nobody can be taken for granted. Even a relationship with a friend or a sibling, don’t take anyone for granted, count your blessings… A breakup will also help you and partner to handle various issues in a smart way in the future. It will also help to give a new direction to your relationship. After experiencing the ill effects of being apart, you and your partner will learn to value and appreciate each other. If you know deep down inside he is the one you will cherish and love, be prepared to nurture the relation and give without expecting to receive.


Is distance the solution to your problems?

 Being in a distance for a while is a solution to realize the value of staying together. It will help you to discover each other priorities and thereby help you to make decisions that will not hamper your relationship. Being apart for a while will make you realize how important you both are for each other. Breakups will also teach you to respect each other and thereby spend the rest of the life in a better way. Sometimes, distance is not the solution but a way to work on yourself to become a stronger person. Maybe distance and time will make your love grow stronger. Don’t forget, you have to take care of yourself and love yourself before loving someone else.. the right way. Self-love is the best love you will ever receive. Be patient, it may take some time. Cherish every moment that makes you smile or feel good and remember these moments in grey days…


Do we really have a soul mate?

There are some people who believe that soul mate is nothing but an illusion. One can be happy with any person in her life. A person with whom you fall in love becomes your soul mate. Romantic relationship is all about personal choice. Women generally fall in love with a person she respects, cares and hopes to live rest of the life in a happier way. I personally think that you fall in love with a person of your choice, a mate you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Then, you choose him to become your soulmate by opening the window to your soul, by exchanging deep emotions. His door will open as well, sharing and connecting at different levels… Now, you will have truly found your soulmate…


How to remain happy in a relationship? What is the key to success?

 In order to remain in a good relationship one must learn to share the sorrows and happiness to each other. A partner must have the willingness to learn from each other. In order to build a good relationship with your partner it will be wise to let go of the expectations. Girl, you know what I’m talking about, your expectations (sometimes) might ruin nice dates! We always overthink and over-analyze situations that don’t necessarily matter..Breathe and choose your battles. I  won’t say it enough; Communication is the key. 

These are some opinions and ideas about love and relationships, if it will help you to make up your broken relationship, I’m happy for you. YOU are the only reason for your success.

 From now on, make sure to respect each other views in order to live in a happier way.  If you decide to move on and find your true soulmate, continue on loving yourself and believing you are worthy of finding Mr Right ( or the Prince of Monaco, or Prince Harry?) Don’t forget to stick to your values, they are the most important part of yourself…



Letter to you

Letter to you who broke my heart.

Men are always the first pick, men are always the answer to a woman’s broken heart, men are known for inventing fire and creating new technologies.

Men are kings, politicians and soldiers.

A baby boy is such a precious gift to many traditions. Why aren’t girls? Everyone knows men rule the wolrd.

They are captains, pilots, CEOS, brokers.

Everyone doesn’t know that men are weak and unpowerful without a mother.

The opposite sex is the key to their success.
They want women to be perfect when they always forget to compliment them.
They want women to stand by their sides when they have the sent of another on their neck.
They desire an unattainable paroxysm of fame, money and power.
They are warriors at heart .

They could kill for their mecca and loose their soul.
Their Egos control their minds.

Deep down inside, they know how small they are. How fragile they can be. So what is a man anyway… If they always stay a child at heart ? But when it all comes down to Wall Street they play the part?

Men will never be men. One day, maybe one of them will.

When they discover the dark secrets of a woman’s love.

When they treat us as partners, lovers, first and last, one and only.

But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.  And if you can find someone to love the you, you love, well, that’s just fabulous.

-Sex and the City

The book every woman needs to read

Oprah’s book is an eye opener and life changer… It’s one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.


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