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By Kate Lalic

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Last week, at Toronto’s Eaton Center, H&M lauched their new beauty line. Aren’t you excited to hear that? I was.

So, I sit down to eat a piece of cake, when a little 10 year old girl walks up to me and says: You look like a girl from Paris.

Thank you H&M. My 12,99$ investment made me look like a PFW (Paris Fashion Week) blogger!

Most importantly, as with any change in your appearance, be confident. Know that you are beautiful and you look great. Be different, Be fashionable, Be you. – Kate Lalic

The beauty line will follow fashion trends troughout the different seasons.

Everyone who is someone was so exactic to finaly see and try “fashion for the face” as H&M beauty concept designer Sara Wallander called it. The line has more than 700 lovely items including; body care, hair products and beauty tools. H&M is also launching a conscious range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products for “green” fashionistas.

So let’s get to the point, are the beauty produts “haut de gamme” or only “good quality for a cheap price” ? Actualy, they are BOTH. 

Here’s my story, I was shopping downtown TO and looking for a dark brownish-red lipstick to wear at a kids birthday party the next day. Never mind the birthday party, there’s always an excuse to shop for beauty products!

MAC, Chanel, Lancôme, Nars and finaly Sephora, I shopped everywhere but without finding exactly what I needed… at a good price! I passed by the new fully renovated H&M store at Eaton Center and decided to take a look inside. The new store is sooooo big and so nicely layed out, I could’nt resist. I grabbed a black scarf (classic) and walked to the cashier. I literaly rushed to the beauty section when I saw it (because we don’t have any of this in Montreal of course). I wanted to buy every product, the matte black compacks and the variety of trendy colors caught my eye (and my credit card!!). I found exactly what I was looking for and it was named; Velvet lip cream in Screen Siren. How much ? 12.99$

The minute I tried it own I knew it was quality. Quality, low price and perfect shade to match my outfit? LOVE IT!

The Velvet lip cream looks like a lip gloss, but when appliying, it has the texture of a matte lipstick. The product is creamy and the color is exactly the same as it appears in the tube. The color stayed for hours and it didn’t smudge. The color I chose “Screen Siren” has rich pigments and follows the trend; dark brownish-red lips. Yes, 90’s are back !

Hat: H&M

Blouse: Zara

Dress: Kooka

Booties: H&M

Luv Lalic


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