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By Kate Lalic

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Subject no 1 : Wedding Dress shopping.


AHHH, isn’t so exciting? For me; shopping for a birthday dress can sometimes take weeks. It took months of Pinterest time, google search, sample sales and ¨I want to try the most expensive one¨ to finally find my dress. It was a long process and it wasn’t so magical at first…


My friend, who wasn’t even my bridemaid (but ended up being one, will explain in diary #2) came with me to do the ¨Experimental¨shopping. This is when the bride pinned too many dresses on her board and doesn’t have a clue of what she wants, even thought she thinks she likes ¨mermaid¨ but wants to look like a ¨princess¨. Girl, you can’t be both, you just can’t. Make a decision about the shape of your dress BEFORE going shopping. Trust me.

After the experimental shopping; we were exhausted! We laughed so much that we both had headaches, maybe it was also due to all the dust in those retro stores on Plaza St-Hubert. Oh and ladies, don’t listen to the saleswoman; they will always say that you look beautiful even thought your boobs are hanging out. #realtalk

I never thought I would’ve find my dress on the Plaza BUT I did. On a sunday afternoon, I was going dress shopping with my old school eastern european grand-mother; my Baka. Shopping with your grandma is great: she will stop you from spending too much, she knows the difference between GOOD or CHEAP fabric, she’ll tell you the truth right away, she has almonds or chocolate or tissues in her bag in case of emergency.

Long story short; I found my dress after 5 months of shopping, a few ups and downs and a lot of FAILS. Oh and the dress on the cover picture is not the one I chose (even though it is gorgeous!) , I tried on so many beautiful and unique dresses — but fell in love with only one… I can’t show you pictures because my fiancé reads my blog 😉

  1. Budget. Respect your budget and DO NOT  try the 15k dress. You will want to buy it.
  2. Friends. Surround yourself with friends and or family, but not more than 2 or 3 at a time. Then, it becomes a huddle. Ready. Set. Hut.
  3. Silhouette. Find a comprehensive wedding dress styles guide at
  4. Stress. Leave your stress at home and have fun! You will find the perfect dress!



Luv Lalic.




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