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By Kate Lalic

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Did I ever really love Big or was I addicted to the pain, the exquisite pain, of wanting someone so unattainable?

Carrie Bradshaw is a familiar character from the series Sex and the City. A single woman and a professional, she struggle with relationships through the catching episodes of the popular series. But is anything we can learn from her? What would Carrie Bradshaw do in love relationship with an alpha male? Relationships are complicated enough, but what’s happens when a single professional, an independent woman falls in love with Mr. Big, an alpha male with a very big ego? Then things get even more complicated than usual and the couple is involved in a power struggle.

I don’t know what to do… Guys are so annoying. WWWBD.

– wwwbd?

– What would Beyonce do?

-What would Batman?

-What would Bradshaw do?

Said 5 women who just discovered the joys of having a group message to blubber about men…well Boys!

The alpha male syndrome, we all know them. Masculinity and muscle, a strong sense of mission, a professional overachiever. Most of the women in the dating game are attracted by alpha males. Alpha men, with their good looks, express an undeniable strong chemistry. They talk big about their good jobs and they are big spenders on expensive cars and big mansions. They are all about ego and showing off their social status.

Mr. Big from Sex and the City is no exception from the alpha male stereotypes. He is the “knight in shining armor”, charming, assertive, handsome, smooth talking, and mature. He is sexually aggressive, successful, wealthy, emotionally out of reach, and possessive. Mr. Big is a mysterious man who shows up to provide relief and rescue before disappearing again into the dark night. Chris Noth plays Mr. Big’s role perfectly in Sex and the City series, transforming the character in the alpha male model of the 90s.

Carrie Bradshaw meets Mr. Big by chance, in a moment of social distress when she has dropped her purse on the sidewalk. Mr. Big offers her assistance and Carrie is drawn immediately in by his assertiveness and charm. First thing she notices is that he is single and handsome. Her curiosity is aroused and she sees the potential for a relationship.

Later that evening, Mr. Big comes again to rescue, when Carrie fails to hail a taxi cab. She gets into his limousine without exercising any caution. During their conversation in the limo, Mr. Big completes his alpha man image and social ranking and gets to release that Carrie is no alpha female. She pursues love rather than sex in the city.

Are them the “right” couple? Mr. Big is egocentric and arrogant. Carrie Bradshaw does not realize that a relationship between them is clearly problematic. From a feminist point of view, Sex and the City make for quite uncomfortable viewing. What can we learn from Carrie? That if we want to respect ourselves we need to see deeper than the exterior glamour and base our relationships on some solid elements.

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