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By Kate Lalic

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“Early this year, the creative departments at Bergdorf Goodman selected a one-word holiday theme for 2014: Inspired. We found this particular word itself to be inspiring. It was all we needed to launch a set of windows celebrating the arts—after all, isn’t art the product of inspiration?
-David Hoey

It’s “first snow” morning in New York City. Like every monday, it’s a frenetic day on Fifth avenue. Perhaps, everyone is walking in slow motion on the white sidewalks. My sleepy green eyes wander around, capturing fairylike images. Tiny frosty snowflakes are falling silently on my shiny long hair.
Out of the corner of my thick Benefit doll lashes, i could see the glistening windows of 5th and 58th.

Bergdof Goodman’s window display is the one thing that can cheer me up on this chilly day . Holiday season has officially started (oh and shopping too). I stand still in front of the well-knowned new yorker store. Yesterday night was the holiday windows reveal. Everyone in Manhattan was here to get a look behind the majestic curtains.  Inspired by fine arts and multiple materials, each window reveal a major art form; literature, architecture, film, painting, music, dance, sculpture and theater,

I’m dreaming of a White christmas… with Mr.White?

Underneath my Rudsak Arly coat , my skin is burning. The ground is collapsing at my feet. The sparkling lights are fading slowly. Why can’t i see anymore?
My head is spinning, hands are shaking. Shades of darkness are drowning me.

That’s all i can remember.

I wake up besides a pair of blue Manolo’s. I’m sitting on a majestuous leather seat, facing a ravishing salesperson.
-Are you feeling better my dear? she told me with a bright smile.
– My head hurts, i said looking around me. What happened?
– You don’t remember? You fell unconscious right in front of the christmas glass case outside, said the blond woman.

I’m thinking about Mr. White’s pearl white bed. Flashes of white sheets…
Just the two of us, swimming in his King size bed.

Kissing him under the covers, i open my eyes carefully in the dark and all i can see is Cuddle King. My life raft.
My shaky legs are taking me outside the crowded fancy

I need to talk to him.
I need to see him.

Walking through the revolving doors, my hands are searching for my phone in my Chloé handbag.

In a lifetime, you’ll meet two loves of your life. The first one will change you. The second one will grow with you.

Who will win second place on Xmas day?


« Dans l’Égée tempétueux, dans le sein de Thétys, (…) et née dedans, avec un air charmant et joyeux, une damoiselle plus qu’humaine de visage, par des Zéphyrs lascifs poussée vers le rivage, aller sur un coquillage, et il semble que le ciel en jouisse, (…) On aurait pu jurer que de l’onde jaillissait la déesse, […]...


Nous avons une seule journée pour nous cacher sous nos propres mimiques. Nous nous enterrons sous une fausse perception ou un cliché contingenté. Je me souviens du jour où il m’offrait un petit bonbon en forme de framboise,  ses grandes mains couvraient les miennes. Ah merde, j’essaie de chasser ses souvenirs flous de ma tête. Que des […]...


Coeur sensible, âme fragile, voici là toutes les qualités d’une hopeless romantic! Là où se joignent ces éternels compliments qui ne me suffisent pas, se mêle, presque superficielle, ma gratitude, ces innocentes caresses qui le contentent pas. Une impasse. Un piège, même, qui, n’a rien à voir à deux. C’est une aventure, qui lorsque seule, […]...


Juillet apporte un vent de chaleur, et ce n’est pas moi qui vais m’en plaindre, après le long hiver qu’on a connu… Enfin, le temps des robes, des jupes et des sandales est arrivé! Mais, du lundi au vendredi, le travail demande de rester conservatrices dans nos choix vestimentaires. Alors, je vous propose cinq tenues […]...

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