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If  a fashion magazine journalist asks me whats my essential makeup product, I would say: My Blistex.

Summer is around the corner and we can’t wait! The clock goes tick tock, the days go by fast, getting warmer, stickier and longer. It’s time to ditch the late nigh ice cream binges for something a bit more summer motivated. So, take out your colourful Nikes and meet me at the gym to lose a little bit of regretted skin. It is equally important to be able to pull off a summer body and a summer face too! I can think of anything else to talk about besides the summer lip. You can even wear it at the gym (if theres a cutie you want to impress!)

Balms! Balms are probably my favorite to wear as they are very soft and look natural. It is easy to have kissable lips. In fact is probably the easiest thing for your man to deal with as not all stain and get on his lips or checks. But it’s really your preference as ultimately the lips are yours!

To get the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lip (who doesn’t wasnt to look a little bit like this goddess?) Dior Addict Lip Glow $37.00 Enhances the lips’ natural color, producing a customized color result, thanks to its Color Reviver technology; reacts directly with the unique chemistry of each woman’s lips before releasing its color ingredient. A universal balm for all lips. Available in two shades: 001 and 004 Coral

Lip Glosses. I personally do not like lip glosses as some brands feel very thick and heavy. I do not recommend lip gloss in the summer as it very hot and the lip gloss can bleed. Also, I have long hair… Girls, you know what i’m talking about! If the wind blows even the slightest i’m basically always eating my hair. Not so sexy effect. If you still want that glossy watery pout for summer nights, find a lip plumer that gives a wow effect. My favorite: Bare Escentuals Buxom Big & Healthy lip polish.

Let’s talk about the health basics here. It is equally important to have healthy lips and deciding what color to choose from. A great way to make sure you have healthy lips is too moisturize them. Now, here are two ways of doing it; one of them being water. We can’t say enough how important water is for our body. I find that when I drink plenty of water throughout the day, my lips aren’t so thin and dry. The hour I stop drinking, game over.  

Lip balm is very good for you, but I do recommend natural lip balm with natural pigments. Burt’s Bees works best with me, it has an SPF and it’s earthly friendly! My essentials: Blistex (I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT), Kiehl’s Baby lip balm and EOS.

I’m sure you know this, but there are so many different types of lip wears; Stains, Lipsticks, Balms, and Glosses to name a few. Let’s very briefly go over each my favorites you could rock this summer.

With a lip stain, it is important to have some moisturizer (maybe Vaseline) before applying it. As it’s an actual stain on the lips, the lips end to dry out very fast and easy and end to shrink. I do not recommend using lip stains if you want Jenner looking lips. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks, $26 Lip and Cheek Stain

There are MANY types of lipsticks, but using lip stick is not so easy, breazy! If you put too much, it gets on your teeth. If you put too little, it becomes uneven. It is a good idea to also wear lip liner so the lipstick does not bleed. Lip liner also makes the lips look fuller, which is always a plus.  It’s important to know when it’s the right amount to stop, and how to prevent lips from drying out (moisturize!) as lipstick is not a natural product and does have chemicals… I do not recommend lipstick and lip gloss as the lipstick may stain the lip gloss application stick and your lips may just feel very heavy like Cindy Lauper in the 80’s. Favorites: Mac and Lancôme.

There are many stores that offer a wide variety of lip wear but you can’t go wrong in makeup paradise; Sephora! It is a good idea to go to a professional make-up artist to find the best lip color and brand for you.  A must-have for this season: a big bold Jenner lip or a nude lip.

Get inspired on Pinterest or by looking at some Bold lips muses: Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Amanda Seyfried, Kylie Jenner.

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